The world as we know it today was once thoughts that became physical. Since 2014, we have known what it’s like to live our dream and practice our gifts — developing, creating, and distributing valuable content for brands, businesses, and talents. HMI BUZZ MEDIA GROUP is a continuously evolving marketing agency, but our vision to make the world a better place has remained the same since the beginning.

When we first embarked on our journey to establish this platform, the focus was primarily on entertainment. Our founder, Rodly “Oz’mosis” Madeus, wanted to give creatives like himself opportunities to share their gifts with the world. While we still publish stories on music, politics, sports, and food that are impacting our lives, we have updated our services to also help small businesses.

For us, helping small businesses is helping ourselves. We pride ourselves in our efforts to always render more and better services than we are paid for. Thus, there are no other ways to abundantly attract increasing returns.

We want to continue to share inspiring stories as well as helping young entrepreneurs sell their services and products worldwide.